“In the past I have admired the photographic work of Jen St. Louis and as such have purchased some of her amazing pictures of birds and of a fjord from her Icelandic trip.

When I was aware that Jen was starting to take pet portraits I contacted her immediately to book a session for my dog Maggie. I knew that I could trust Jen to get the best shots of my wonderful old dog so that I could immortalize her the best way possible. Maggie is 14 and in good health, but that is a good age for a dog her size and I wanted to have some active shots of her while she is still able to romp around.

Jen booked in with us, met us out at a friend’s farm, Maggie’s favourite place in the world, and Jen worked her magic. Right away Jen made Maggie feel comfortable, she was completely non-intrusive and patiently waited to catch Maggie doing “Maggie” things. That wise and animal-friendly approach enabled Jen to capture the very best of my Mags – her smile, her crazy ears, her rolling, her peeking out through some weeds – and I am so very grateful to have these very special photographs that will last a lifetime for my family to remember our Mags when she is gone.

Jen is gifted not only in her ability to take great photos, but she truly gets to know your pet and captures the essence of them in her shots. I highly recommend Jen to anyone who wants to have their pets photographed! These will be pictures you and your family will cherish for a long time.” – Samantha, Maggie’s mom

“Thanks to Jen for the wonderful pics of my girls. With great patience and much effort to be unobtrusive – especially with my very skittish older cat Yolanda – she captured the essence of them both. Great memories to have…” – Diane, Holly’s and Yolanda’s mom

“Exceptional describes the experience with Jen photographing our Westie, Fred. Jen came prepared with a bag of tricks to keep his attention and was quick to recognize his behavior pattern and when it was her opportunity to capture an image we would love. Her patience with Fred when choosing a backdrop, allowing him to sniff around and making it an adventure for all of us demonstrates Jen truly has a passion for animals and nature of all kind. Thanks, Jen, for capturing our precious pooch on film and giving us some wonderful keepsakes!” – Lisa, Fred’s mom