In April 2008, I spent a wonderful week in Paris with my mom. I absolutely loved it - felt very at home there. Unfortunately, I'd hurt my back just before this trip, which kept me from doing some of the things I would've liked to do - like climbing the stairs up the Notre Dame bell tower to get a closer look at the gargoyles I became so obsessed with. Some day I'd like to go back with my husband and do the things I missed out on last time.
Arc de Triomphe 01Cupid and Psyche 01Cupid and Psyche 02Cupid and Psyche 04Eiffel Tower 02Eiffel Tower 03Eiffel Tower 07Eiffel Tower 09Les Tuileries sculptures 01Louvre at sunset 01Louvre at sunset 02Louvre at sunset 03Louvre at sunset 04Louvre at sunset 05Louvre statue 01Musee D'Orsay statue 01Musee D'Orsay statue 02Musee D'Orsay statue 04Notre Dame 01Notre Dame 02